Teeth Whitening Sydney

What Is the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Tooth discolouration happens from food, beverages, and tobacco that stain teeth. Sometimes aging, medication, decay, too much fluoride, tooth trauma, or genetics are issues. When our teeth are discolored, it can have an affect on our confidence. That is why so many people search ‘professional teeth whitening near me’ on the Internet. If you're searching for ‘professional teeth whitening near me’ in Sydney, you are in luck. Here at The Whitening Clinic, we offer teeth whitening in Sydney that will bring back the confidence in your smile. 

Our teeth whitening in Sydney works on the enamel and lifts stains off the surface of the teeth. A full set, teeth whitening treatment takes around an hour and a half. Additionally, we recommend two treatments the first time you whiten your teeth to ensure the best result. It's common to lose up to 40% of whiteness within four to six weeks, initially. Also, keep in mind that even the best teeth whitening treatment isn't permanent.

Our professional teeth whitening in Sydney can last from six months to as long as two years, depending on the treatment and how well you take care of your teeth afterwards. For example, you can keep your teeth whiter for longer if you don't smoke or drink tea or coffee after the treatment. Here at The Whitening Clinic, we offer our standard full treatment, the first-time whitening package with two treatments 2 - 4 weeks apart for longer-lasting results, and various other packages to ensure your teeth stay sparkling white all year long.

So if you are searching ‘professional teeth whitening near me’, come in and get the best teeth whitening in Sydney at The Whitening Clinic. Book your appointment or series of appointments online today.